He Can Take It

by Ryan on April 14, 2006

in Politics

Rummy gets the well deserved backing of President Bush in the latest attempt by the Left to delegitimize the American military and its positive use in the War on Terror. They have been using Rumsfeld as their whipping post for over three years now. Rummy has offered to resign twice in the last few years, but Bush feels that he needs him and I agree. Now the press has found some Arm-Chair generals to complain about Rummy.

No single President or Secretary of Defense has had to oversee the kind of transformation that is currently taking place in our military thinking and infrastructure since the late 1940s when we had to adapt to another new enemy, the Soviet Union. Rumsfeld has been trying to modernize the tactics, functions and weapons that our military will use to fight the current War on Terror, not another “cold war” against a near-peer competitor, like China. The Arm-Chair Brigade was happier during the Cold War because everything was easy (not just the nature of the enemy, but the money with which some of these general’s pet-projects could be funded). Bush and Rummy have to make hard decisions and the press digs up a dozen Arm-Chairs to beat on them in an attempt to further delegitimize the Administration. And people wonder why Iran isn’t afraid of us? They read our papers too.

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