I Hope You Mean It Mr. President

by Mike on April 18, 2006

in Politics

President Bush claims that his nominee for White House Budget Director, Rob Portman, “will be a powerful voice for pro-growth policies and spending restraint.” Unfortunately we’ve heard promises of fiscal restraint from our President before. Yet, spending continues to grow at a pace which would make Walter Mondale proud.

The President’s political standing will only improve if he pursues the common sense conservative policies demanded by his base and appreciated by the country as a whole. Unlike liberals, conservatives will not automatically support politicians who routinely betray their values. Words must be backed up with action.

A shakeup in this post is commendable. However, if a new suit is installed only to continue Washington’s out of control spending, then this would be nothing more than what Archie Bunker would call “putting lace on a bowling ball.”

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Ryan April 18, 2006 at 1:55 pm

I liked the article on Chafee’s problems with the Scituate Republicans. Essentially, Chafee’s not a Republican; hence his problems.
Go Laffey!


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