Berlusconi Should Reject the Gore Precedent

by Mike on April 19, 2006

in Politics

The people can elect a good government. The people can elect a bad government. In a democracy, the people can elect any kind of government they want according to whatever pre-established rules are in place. The people of Italy have elected a weak leader who will implement socialist policies which have failed every time and everywhere they have been tried. That is their prerogative. That is democracy.

It is time for Silvio Berlusconi to concede. Italy’s highest court has confirmed the results of the recent election. Undeer the Italian system, the election is over. Prodi will be the new Prime Minister. A democracy can only thrive when the losers of election accept the results. I hope Berlusconi will take the high road his sore loser ministers refuse to take and reject the Gore precedent.

Democracy is the best form of government because it provides the best policy results more frequently than any other system. Moreover, democracy recognizes the right of every person, even those who normal people view as insane, to participate in the process. Some election results are better than others, but as a whole, the system works. The consequences of Prodi’s socialism will speak themselves. The right will make its case again. However, this battle is over.

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Ryan April 19, 2006 at 4:29 pm

It’s over, but it was a good run, I suppose. I rue the day that the “Get Out of Prodi’s House” protest signs go up. Berlusconi may still have a future in politics and within his party if he does NOT pull an Algore. He’s made his point. I agree that he should go.


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