by Mike on April 19, 2006

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There is no need to put Strategery by Bill Sammon away in a lockbox. This is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I highly recommend it.

Sammon essentially leads the reader on a journey from John Kerry’s primary victories through the election of 2004 and into a good part of President Bush’s second term. You will feel like you are there when reading Sammon’s account of the election. Sammon covers a wide range of topics that are both substantive and political. Most memorable for me were his retrospectives on the Abu Gharib media orgasm, Zell Miller screaming “Spitballs” at the Republican National Convention, Kerry refusing to accept the fact he lost, and even little Jack Roberts breakdancing in the White House.

Peppered throughout the book are the thoughts of key officials, including those of the President himself, on the significance of certain 2004 campaign events and the current political landscape. The White House’s thoughts on the political skills of She Who Must Not Be Named were widely documented when this book was released.

Few liberals are spared from Sammon’s sharp wit. Media whores are called out for the consequences of their irresponsible reporting. You get a good sense of just how delusional moonbats like Chris Matthews truly are. Democrat hypocrisy is also displayed for the world to see. This book is informative, highly entertaining and should be required reading.

What struck me as I sped through this masterpiece was just how incompetent the White House communications wing has been over the past year. The President has succeeded on many major issues including terrorism, judicial activism, the economy, and yes Iraq without a political windfall. One would think these accomplishments could speak for themselves but obviously not. Today, Scott McClellan resigned as White House Press Secretary. I think “Stretch” would be a worthy replacement.

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Ryan April 19, 2006 at 3:31 pm

Having just finished this book, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!

“Stretch” gives such an eye-opening perspective on the media, that when they try to do similar things today, you can see it ahead of time. Like the anti-Rummy generals trickling out a few at a time to show a “pattern” when nearly all of them were on record weeks ago! It is typical. Bill Sammon really adds insight into their m.o.’s.

And I never get enough of how the “dim-witted” GWB socks ‘em one again and again and again.


Chris April 19, 2006 at 9:07 pm

Stretch’s book was great! I really enjoyed it and also recommend it. I really enjoyed his account of memo-gate…he did a fine job of showing how those in the media (e.g. Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, etc) were out to get the president and despite all their games and plans, they lost!

I have been very concerned in the past year that some in the Bush Administration have lost some steam that Sammon did a fine job in recounting during the first term and re-election campaign. When you think of it, the Bush Adminstration has a good 2-3 months to set the agenda before the election season heats up. Some of my suggestions may have been mentioned in the China post, but I’ll speak my mind anyway:

1)Gas Prices: The Dems are salivating over this trying to blame the Bush Admin and “Big Oil,” but they are the ones to blame. Bush can steal this issue by suspending the fereral gas tax and encourage governors to suspend their state gas taxes (fat chance for that happening in NJ though).

2) Taxes: Make the 2001 Tax Cuts PERMANENT. Funny we don’t hear about it (read into my sarcasm there), the economy is booming…as a result of these tax cuts. Make them permanent and the economy will continue to grow and improve.

3) Be Conservative: Republicans were voted in because of conservative ideals, Bush was elected and re-elected because of conservatives. Forget about trying to be liked by liberals, the media and Democrats. Forget about watered-down Republican initiatives…don’t let McCain lead this party to defeat! Fight for what you believe, do it with heart, get the people on your side and you will win.

4) Improve Communication: With the new White House Press Secretary, get someone with experience, Stretch is good, but someone else who I would recommend is Tony Snow . He knows Washington, he’s a long time friend of the Bushes and his knowledge of the media will best aid in Bush “Going Public.”

Being an optimist by nature, I am confident of Republicans maintaining control, but I am also concerned they could lose. If they do, I truly worry for our safety and security. You WILL see impeachment proceedings if the House falls. You WILL see a push for the Fairness Doctrine . Our enemies are salivating at these liberal outbursts and an inept Republican party will weaken our position in the world.


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