President Bush Running on Empty

by Mike on April 25, 2006

in Politics

Combating higher gas prices should be a national priority. This is difficult to do because of the concept of supply and demand, market forces beyond the control of any one person or political movement. However, this issue is causing trouble for the party in power when it doesn’t have to. The President must renew his call for ANWR exploration and propose a suspension of the federal gas tax and another round of tax cuts.

Democrats of course are exploiting this situation and somehow are getting away with it despite the fact that they have no credibility on this issue. It’s awfully difficult to believe Democrats complaining about rising gas prices when higher gas prices is something they push for. Liberals believe gas prices should be higher to create an incentive to for alternative energy. Heck, Al Gore wrote a book demanding higher gas prices. As is the case with so many other issues, the President seems incapable of counter-punching. Today’s speech shows a President who is meandering around on the issue and practically begging for a Democrat Congress.

Directly combating rising gas prices is not easy. Exploration could help in the long term but Democrats and certain Republicans, OK Democrats are opposing it. Few leaders even mentioning suspending gas taxes while prices are on the rise. In the absence of effective short term measures, Congress and the President should offset the cost of gasoline to consumers by allowing people to keep more of their money. Yes a tax cut. It wouldn’t combat the issue of higher prices but at least it would ease the pain of a fill up.

The Democrats would oppose such a move for a number of reasons. First, they believe the money people earn belongs to them. Second, they want higher gas prices because they hate oil companies and are in bed with environmental kooks. Third, they don’t mind inflicting pain on Americans so long as Bush is blamed. The President needs to push hard to suspend the federal gas tax, lower taxes in other areas and more drilling. Make the liberals show their hand.

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