This is a McCarthy Worth Worrying About!

by Ryan on April 25, 2006

in Politics

Mary O. McCarthy should be in jail for a very long time. They used to say “loose lips sink ships” because people who are around sensitive intelligence should not be in the business of leaking info to the New York Slimes, the Washington Compost, or any other media source. Leaking actionable intelligence could kill people. She denies of course, but what is clear is that she was a 1990s Clintonista and she obviously thinks her antiquated, pre-9/11 worldview should trump those of our elected officials.

Rush had a monologue once a few months ago about this very topic. He believed that a major problem in the CIA and the Pentagon was that plenty of these “career” analysts are trying to sabotage the Bush Administration because their worldview’s conflict. Since they’ll be at their desks years after GWB is gone, they feel that Bush and our other elected officials simply don’t understand the nuances. Plus, changing the way our analysts work would be a lot of inconvenient extra work for them to do as well. The whole Joe Wilson incident illustrates the animus amongst the rogue elements of our intelligence field. They must be purged (as has been happening for 5 years), and in the case of McCarthy, put in jail for a long time.

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Chris April 25, 2006 at 5:44 pm

The fact that John Kerry is showing any ounce of support for this woman is an absolute disgrace. Libs like to throw the term “whistleblower” around when it suits their needs. Otherwise, they are known as “leakers.”

I think we have now seen that Bush was skunked by the “New Tone in Washington” . These peolple should have been removed years ago and Bush would have saved himself a lot of agita if he did so on January 20, 2001.

At least there is some good news coming out of Washington these days. It looks as if Tony Snow will become the next press secretary. He’s a great choice, knows the media well and will help the White House media immensely. Hopefully, it will lead to a Bush rebound.


rightonoz April 26, 2006 at 11:19 pm

Just a thought, Innocent until proven guilty?

Now she says she didn’t, CIA and Right say she did. She should be jailed for a leak, but waht about the Wilson leak. GWB set that one going, but then he has the right to allow a leak by declassifying, even though it really was out of spite. I won’t get into the broader aspect of Wilson’s overall behaviour, but on the specific of the nuclear material he was accurate and teh outing reeks to all outside viewers as tit for tat.


Ryan April 27, 2006 at 5:21 pm

A Senate investigation in 2004 came to the conclusion that Wilson, himself, lied about his findings because he disagreed with the Amdinistration’s position on Iraq. Also, consider that the British still stand by their claim that Saddam was seeking yellow-cake uranium from Niger.

However, leaks have been dripping out of Washington in a major way since 2002 from the CIA, FBI, but more importantly Congress. To this point the leakers are rarely identified and never prosecuted. This also includes the Plame-Game, which many legal analysts still concede may not have even been illegal based on her status in 2003.

Regardless, it is quite frustrating that leaks can occur by disgruntled members of the CIA and recourse is minimal and foggy at best. She is one of a few people that would even have had access to the information about the secret detainee flights over Europe. It could have been her who leaked this… or Jack Bauer maybe… but whoever it turns out to be, an example needs to be made when actionable intelligence is leaked to the media by disgruntled employees looking to score political hits rather than follow the procedure for whistleblower protection.


Mike April 27, 2006 at 7:58 pm

I agree. This woman is innocent until proven guilty. If proven, lock her up.

The Plame leak is not what the drive by media represents. First, it wasn’t a leak. Everyone in Washington knew she was covert. Nothing was revealed. Second, even assuming no one knew, the leak was justified because Joe Wilson lied about the circumstnaces surrounding his meetings which he claimed proved the president lied the U.S. into war. No one can seriously expect a President to sit around and fail to correct the record after a gov’t employee (Joe Wilson) lies about sensitive information to falsely accuse a President of lying about a war. Failure to rebut can undermine a nation’s war effort. Wilson asked for it when he lied about his and his wife’s role.

Also important is the fact that the President can declassify info. It is teh executive branch which classifies info in the first place. If the Executive can’t declassify what it classifies, then who can?

Joe Wilson was not correct about his meetings. By his own admission, it was no meeting at all. The Butler report still says the “sixteen words” about Niger were “well founded.” Translated documents continue to vindicate the PResident. Wilson lied. Not Bush. His lie was designed to undermine a war. He should be tried for treason.


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