William Hague Urges Stronger Support for Human Rights

by Mike on April 25, 2006

in Politics

William Hague, former leader of the British Conservative party, has called for stepping up the pressure on regimes who abuse human rights. Unlike former President Jimmy Carter, who pompously proclaims his superiority on this issue before kissing up to the Arafats, Castros and Chavezes of the world, Hague has backed up his rhetoric by proposing a ban on investments to countries like Burma and applying pressure to others like North Korea. The British Tories are usually solid like that.

Although he was smoked by Tony Blair in 2001, I have a feeling William Hague may very well become Prime Minister one day. His political stature was revived when current party leader David Cameron named him to the key post of Shadow Foreign Secretary. Considering his latest proposals and most recent performances, he appears to be making the most of the opportunity. Hague’s debating skills are unparalleled and few politicians have his ability to identify and tackle the most important issues facing the UK and the world. He’s not ready for the top job yet but keep an eye out for this politician.

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