Well, It’s a Little Offense…

by Ryan on April 27, 2006

in Politics

Senator Limp Frist and some of the other mamby-pamby Republican Senators have proposed a clever conundrum for the Democrats: We’ll give people money back in the form of tax cuts for gas relief, IF you let us drill in ANWR.

Not bad…

It ain’t perfect, but it will call the Dems out… somewhat. All they’ll say is “tax-breaks for the rich” or “the deficit, the deficit” or “small band-aid on a deep cut” or “we can’t afford tax-cuts” (who’s “we” by the way?) etc. Yet, they won’t have solutions more than a tax and spend plan targeting SUVs or wind-fall profits–you know, divide the public, typical Us v. Them liberal dribble, which won’t offer market-based solutions.

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Chris April 27, 2006 at 7:43 pm

Trying to act as my optimistic self, I will say that it is a start, but definitely not enough. This is an issue on which the Republicans should be pummeling the Democrats and in many ways they are caving to the MSM and Democrats.

As we know now, President Bush has announced a federal probe of the oil companies and accusations of price gouging. This is a waste of time. First, it is not the oil companies that control the price of oil and second, basic economics dictate against the need for price gouging. If gas is less expensive, then more people will purchase it, thus incerasing the company’s profit.

Democrats led by Chucky Schumer have proposed a plan to deal with “Big Oil,” featuring a windfall profits tax . Not only is this glorified socialism, but, as explained by Dr. Walter Williams , it will end up being detrimental not only to the oil companies, but also to the American consumer and American economy. Gas prices will go higher and because consumers have to drive to work, they will have to end up spending less money on other items or leisure activities, thus having a negative effect on the American economy. The federal government should look at themselves when it comes to profiteering for they have not only profited off the gas tax, but from corporate taxes, as explained today by Rush .

President Bush needs to speak to the American people directly on this issue. He needs to remind Americans about the Democrat record on energy policy: against new refineries (new refineries haven’t been built in almost 40 years), against nuclear power, against ANWR, hypocritical on energy policy (As we had seen today with the news that the Cape Cod Orca is against a wind farm off the Cape…it hasn’t hurt Atlantic City ) and lacking any true solutions, instead only playing the blame game. He then needs to propose and follow through on short and long term proposals.

The short term solution would be to suspend/end the fereral gas tax. As our friend Annie C. reminds us, it was the Democrats who raised the gas tax during the Clinton Administration. This immediately cuts the price of gas. The $100 credit is a nice start, but not enough.

The long term solution would be to immediately begin drilling in ANWR, off the coast of the US (why should we let Cuba, China and others drill off our coast when we can’t) and in Colorado/Utah for the Shale reserves we know are there. At the same time, the government can begin R&D on alternative sources of energy as had been proposed by the President in the State of the Union.

Completing these steps may put into action a long abandoned plan of doing something about our energy needs. The president needs to act on these initiatives ASAP and showing leadership on this issue will save his presidency.


noonan April 27, 2006 at 8:15 pm

Dems will not go for ANWR drilling to alleviate gas because, (in increasing order of importance):
1. They don’t like tax cuts
2. They want to protect ANWR
3. As long as gas is high, they win politically.

The GOP response should be:

1. Promise money in people’s pockets with an across the board 100 gas credit.
2. Continue with the probe into oil companies, it at least makes them seem sensitive to the issue that folks are hurting because of high gas.
3. Contrast their tax cut plan with the Dem plan that would INCREASE gas prices.

Talking points on 1 & 3 is all they need. That and lower the damn price of gas.


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