The Posse’s Back

by Ryan on May 3, 2006

in Politics

While Monday I was hoping for massive federal sweeps of the illegal immigrant rallies, stories like this give me a little hope. Apparently, Washington still does not understand the plight of the people still living in the border region, especially in certain parts of Arizona. The article I found is yet another example of local law enforcement actually enforcing laws, rounding up illegals unapologetically, in the face of Federal negligence. In this case, they are not giving the illegals to Border Patrol because the same people will be back in a few days. Instead, they are being housed in tents by local police until further notice.

Republicans beware! This issue could be one (of many issues) that boots you out of office this Fall. The short term political forces will be beneficial, and if you vocally make the case, you could win still in the long run.

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