by Sal on May 11, 2006

in Politics

Yet another classified NSA program has been spilled to the press by “anonymous sources”. Apparently, the NSA keeps a database of all phone calls made in America to try to get “trends” on people to determine if there are any trends that have terrorist underpinnings. They do not, however, listen to the content of the calls.

The people who leaked this information, and that of the Foreign call surveillance program, need to be tracked down and tried for treason. There is no other word to describe their crime. Willfully and knowingly subverting the National Security interests of the U.S. is a crime of treason. By leaking this information, the leaker and the press is giving aid to our enemy, the Islamo-fascist terrorists who have declared war on America and the entire West.

If a person has a problem of conscience with a program such as this, they should use proper channels to protest — the Senate/House Intelligence Committees (for which there is a provision for this type of thing), the Director of Central Intelligence, etc. To leak this classified and sensitive information to the world is cowardly and treacherous. The so-called leak of Valerie Plame was nothing compared to the damage done to our surveillance of terrorists by the leaks of the past few months.

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rightonoz May 12, 2006 at 8:24 pm

Don’t know your laws, so can’t comment on the treason aspect or the rights or wrongs of leaks (there have been some very necessary ones through history though).

What does concern me is that there is a growth in both the US and Aus in extrajudicial activities by the authorities and the majority of the population are going along with it.

Within the US there is provision for all of this activity, with secret warrants and some Congressional oversight, but they still insist on bypassing that process, one additional secret power at a time?. There can’t be any real additional delay, I can’t see why the need.

I’m all for law and order, strong response to terrorist threat etc, however we need to be aware and to be ready to firmly stop the politicians before we get any closer to 1984.

I’ve studied the book and at the time believed we would never allow the free world to get close to that, however over the last couple of years the similarities are scary to say the least. Our politicians (most of them) may have good intentions but the path to hell…

Once draconian controls are enacted it takes a massive uprising of the everyday people to turn back the clock.

Support a vigorous and overwhelming response to threat by all means, but we must NEVER give away our freedoms, or allow a secret government circle to decide what those freedoms are be they Republican, liberal/National (Aus), Democrat or Labour(Aus).

One of my concerns is that if we allow a right wing personal rights/responsibilities government to take secret powers and chip away those freedoms what may be taken from us if the loony left get to power. (If you think your most far left Democrats are loony, you should seen how madly off the planet some of our more left Labour, plus all of the Democrats and Greens are…. Nightmare stuff)


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