It Could Be Worse

by Mike on May 23, 2006

in Politics

She Who Must Not Be Named recently blamed abortion on pro-lifers rather than the people who support keeping it legal at any time for any reason. She especially blames conservatives for denying poor women contraceptives. Funny. I thought whore pills were legal.

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Ryan May 24, 2006 at 6:46 pm

Love the picture!

She’s nuts and on the wrong side of many Democratic issues. Brit Hume just quoted from the Daily Kos, an online moonbat airbase, that She Who Must Not Be Named had the highest percentage (25%) of the respondents who would loathe her candidacy. They’d rather Algore (68%).


noonan May 24, 2006 at 8:51 pm

This is part of her “safe, legal, and rare” campaign. She also continues to cite a clearly discredited statistic in support of her reasoning stating that abortions went down during the Clinton years. The reason for this assertion is that during the mid-90s, they changed the rules so that many states did not have to continue to report their estimated number of abortions. Among the states that stopped reporting was California. Does anybody think California has had zero abortions since the mid-90s? Yet she continues to proclaim it!

There is nothing she can do to win my vote. I vow to do anything and everything I can to stop her.


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