Harper Don’t Take No Mess

by Mike on May 24, 2006

in Politics

It is well known that I’m a Stephen Harper fan. Once again, I’m impressed. Convinced that the Parliament Hill press corps is nothing but an arm of the opposition, Harper has announced that he will ignore them and take his common sense message directly to the people. Bravo Prime Minister!

Our White House press corps has acted like a political opposition since President Bush took office. Heck, they don’t even pretend to be objective anymore. Why continue the charade? I thought I’d never say this, but we could learn something from Canada. Ay?

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Ryan May 25, 2006 at 9:44 am

Sweet. I wish Bush could do things like this.

Actually, I wish Bush would give MORE press conferences on our progress in Iraq and on the War on Terror, as well as getting more pressure to change his harmful stand on illegal immigration.


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