C’mon Pennsylvania, He’s a Keeper

by Mike on May 25, 2006

in Politics

Rick Santorum has been rock solid since being elected in 1994. Unborn children could not ask for a better friend. He supports a strong American military. He tries to keep our taxes low. Unfortunately, Rick Santorum does not have the edge in this year’s Senate race. He is down in the polls and will probably lose if his opponent can dupe good-hearted pro-lifers into voting for a Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy. Although he is at a disadvantage and probably will be on election day, I have always said the race would tighten once the difference in campaigning ability became an issue. Well, it’s here.

Santorum has taken his stand on illegal immigration. What say you Bob Casey? Oh right.
Your entire campaign is based on hiding behind your father’s good name.

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