Moaning Murtha

by Ryan on May 28, 2006

in Politics

John Murtha is a disgrace. All of a sudden, after all his efforts to discredit Bush, the war effort, and consequently giving aid to our enemies by giving them hope, John Murtha NOW sees this Marine scandal as the one big thing that’ll end support for the Iraq War.

First of all, if those Marines killed civilians in a non-collateral, intentional way, then I absolutely believe they need to hang. We’re still figuring all that out. However, seizing this as a political tool to advance one’s own anti-war agenda by insinuating that “our troops” are engaging in this activity is slanderous at best, treasonous at worst during wartime.

These troops may have acted horribly, not the troops. I take great insult to this and I’m not the only one. Did he ever support the war without conditions? Is this just shameless political posturing? What’s sad is that he’s also using his former Marine credentials to help demoralize our troops and nation during a war, while giving hope to our enemies in the region.

Way to celebrate Memorial Day, John.

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Ryan May 28, 2006 at 8:33 pm

Looks like he’s flipping something off in the picture, doesn’t it?



Mike May 28, 2006 at 9:04 pm

The man is a schmuck. No offense to Chucky Schmucky Schumer of course.


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