AIDS in Africa

by Ryan on June 3, 2006

in Politics

The AIDS death toll projection for Africa looks to be a pretty ridiculous 100 million in the not too distant future. While I do not doubt these numbers, I have a sense that this problem could be tackled in a better way.

Think about it: The socialist approach to solving famine in Africa has not ended that problem– give them all the food, money and clothing that they need, then the rigid dictatorship that propelled the famine gets stronger while crushing the entreprenurial spirit in local African business that could, one day, offer real solutions. We’ve seen famines increase across Africa over the last 25 years since starting that approach.

AIDS must be dealt with through real solutions. We should means-test our solutions before shelling out more and more money. Just dumping millions of dollars into condoms, posters, and generic low-grade pills is not enough unless we see a real change in the numbers. There’s some hope on the horizon, but people’s attitudes and behaviors NEED to change as we continue to witness another human tragedy unfold before our eyes.

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