Gore Disses Canada. It’s This Whole Other Country

by Mike on June 3, 2006

in Politics

Sore loser Al Gore recently whined that Canada has joined the “dunce box” for Stephen Harper’s “failure” to ratify the Kyoto Accord. My opinion of Harper continues to rise.

What Gore doesn’t realize is that the Kyoto Accord would be an economic disaster, imposing burdensome regulations on the industrialized economies of the world while exempting other economic powers like China. Sane leaders in America and elsewhere realize this. When presented with the economic impact of Kyoto during the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Senate unanimously rejected it. The idea was so bad, it united Republicans and Democrats. That is quite an accomplishment. A real dunce is someone who would insist on ratifying this idiotic treaty.

Gore’s comments are also interesting because he criticized members of the international community. I thought upsetting foreign leaders was a sign of inept and irresponsible leadership. Somehow, I don’t think liberals had leaders like John Howard and Stephen Harper in mind. Only anti-American leaders like Jacques Chirac and Kofi Annan are above criticism. Leaders who support America are the targets of liberal scorn.

I really hope Al Gore continues his ongoing Sybil impersonation. Gore continues to go down this road because he is the toast of elites like those in Hollywood, the United Nations, Cannes and the editorial board of the New York Times. Implementing a treaty which would harm the American economy, which was in recession which Gore left office by the way, will not fly with American voters outside of Democrat caucuses in Iowa. That is how one follows in the footsteps of George McGovern and Walter Mondale.

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Ryan June 3, 2006 at 11:08 pm

Great picture! It’s true, Al “I Didn’t Know It was a Buddhist Temple” Gore seems to feel as if he is not only the central authority on the environment, but that criticism is a one way street– always up hill towards the Shining City.


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