A Kind Word About a Democrat

by Ryan on June 5, 2006

in Politics

Democrat Joe Lieberman may be wrong on many of the social issues, but he’s got his head just right on Iraq. Yet, Democrats who agree with staying to win have potential problems in the primaries this year, where many of the Moonbat fringe come out to flex. Joe’s a Blue State Dem I don’t have a problem with: he’s generally not political for politic’s sake, he’s independent minded, and he has religious core.

I voted against the 2000 “Sore Loserman” ticket, and did not like his drooling during the Enron hearings, but I had come to respect him for his “politics ends at the water’s edge” approach to the war (criticizing the preparedness and on-the-ground strategies, not the reason for being there with troops already in harms way) and his strength to stand with conviction on his Iraq War stance in the 2004 primaries. If a Dem’s going win anyway, I’d like them like Joe who focuses on winning not weaseling out out the War on Terror.

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