by Mike on June 7, 2006

in Politics

Republican Brian Bilbray defeated Francine Busby to win of the special election in California’s 50th District. Democrats will undoubtedly call this a “moral victory” as they always do when they lose elections.

This race was a test of the Democrat “culture of corruption” talking point and with good reason. This special election was held to fill a seat vacated by disgraced Republican Duke Cunningham, now serving a prison sentence for taking bribes. The thing is, the voters understood that Cunningham and Cunningham alone was responsible for his crimes. Voters also understood that corruption is something that happens to both parties.

The major issue in this race was illegal immigration. Days before the election, Busby revealed Democrat thought on the issue, hinting that illegal immigrants should either try to vote for her or at least help her campaign. Bilbray and third party candidate William Griffith, endorsed by the Minutemen, combined for approximately 55 percent of the vote. Enforcing the border is a winning issue.

John Kerry won 44 percent of the vote in this district two years ago. Yesterday, Busby won 45 percent. Prior to the election, the Democrats hyped this race as a bellwether. That’s one talking point that needs revising.

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Ryan June 8, 2006 at 9:37 am

I hope it’s a bellwether. The Dem’s preelection analysis was so estute, I assume, that all their rantings about it being a bellwether must be true.

If so, then we can expect more of the same in November– Republicans eeking it through in an election that should be a slam dunk.


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