Confused Conservatives

by Mike on June 7, 2006

in Politics

David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative party, wants voters to know that he trusts government to solve problems:

The Conservative Party under my leadership is going to be genuinely committed to trusting public servants… so we can deliver what we really want, which is a quality of service for everyone and equality of service for everyone.

I don’t think this is what Margaret Thatcher thought when she revolutionized the Conservative party, and in the process, Britain itself. Under conservative leadership, the UK Conservative party lowered taxes, privatized industry, and confronted out-of-control labor unions, leading to an economic boom still felt today.

Thatcherism also led to electoral success, with four consecutive General election victories. (John Major was a Thatcherite during his first year and a half). Cameron’s strategy may work for one election but if implemented, these policies will assure that any Cameron-led government will be short lived.

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