Boo-Yah!!! One Down…

by Ryan on June 8, 2006

in Politics

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is all sorts of dead this morning. Seven of his buddies also met their doom as well– to paraphrace Opie and Anthony this morning, they probably weren’t playing Texas Hold-Em!

He’s mostly likely responsible for at least 4000 dead Iraqs and hundreds of American soldiers. Question: If they get 70 virgins in Heaven, what do they get in Hell? I guess Zarqawi’s finding out as we speak!

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rightonoz June 8, 2006 at 7:42 pm

Funny, you will not find any suggestion of Virgins in any real Moslem text, nor justification for his brand of evil.

Eternity with a hot poker up his A… is too good for him and his followers.

From what I’ve seen on the early reports down here one of his ‘trusted’ followers may have decided that life and $$ was more tempting that the possible virgins.

Nothing clears scum quite as well as a carefully administered 500lb High Explosive enema. On Yah Air Force!!!

Khudos and beers all round to the guys that found and nailed this bastard.


Chris June 9, 2006 at 6:22 pm

And now, my comments about this, which I had originally wrote last night, but couldn’t post b/c the blog was down…


Thanks to the military for their excellent service in killing this terrorist savage. When you put into perspective all the planning, communication, manpower, technology and overtaking of obstacles it took to achieve this objective, you just have to sit back and say Wow! It’s great to be an American.

Two days after, the liberal media is whining as they always do on great days for Americans . So far, we had libs claim that Zarqawi may have been shot not killed by the bombs dropping , Zarqawi’s killing was a staged political event , Zarqawi’s killing means little/nothing in the War on Terror, Bush is still worse than Zarqawi and my personal favorite…reports on Fox News of those claiming it is culturally insensitive to show dead pictures of Al-Zarqawi. As we remember, these same ridiculous claims were made after Uday and Qusay were found ‘dead-ay’ .

Thanks again to our great military…I will leave you an awesome vid of the Zarqawi airstrike mixed to music (check out both Vent and Air Strike Remix) , thanks to our friends at … Enjoy!


Chris June 9, 2006 at 6:30 pm

Here’s the YouTube link to Vent in case the previous link is updated.


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