Bolton Out of the U.S.

by Mike on June 9, 2006

in Politics

Ryan posted on U.N. sissy Mark Malloch Brown’s insulting comments about middle America a few days ago. Well, no idiotic act goes unpunished. At least that’s John Bolton’s attitude. Bolton’s threat to withhold funding to the little schmucks is sure to leave a mark:

Congress has the power of the purse and they feel quite strongly on a bipartisan basis that America has a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent, even people from Middle America.

Ultimately the U.N. cannot operate without the United States. Sure, the ostriches on the east side love undermining America by appeasing dictators and taking oil for food money, but they’d never leave all New York has to offer. What are they going to do, forget about Gotham and return to their respective third world hellholes? Middle America doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

Bolton seems to have boxed the weasels into a corner. Do they continue spewing their anti-American gibberish or keep their moronic thoughts to themselves? If remarks like Brown’s continue to be the norm, history may one day remember Brown’s comments and Bolton’s smackdown as the beginning of the end.

Is this what brought tears to your eyes Senator?

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Ryan June 9, 2006 at 9:43 am

Without the USA, the UN would dissolve quickly or become irrelevant. It might even srise as an anti-American forum for the weak, feeble, nations of the world.

The G-20 have more impact on world affairs than the UN even could, and NATO is the real force to be reckoned with outside of the US military.

I’m happy that someone has reminded the UN that the US is, in fact, a member, and its most important memeber at that!


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