What Liberal Wackos do when they get together:

by Sal on June 12, 2006

in Politics

What do liberal wackos do when they get together? The answer can be found at a convention for the Daily Kos entitled “Yearly Kos“. A whopping 1,000 people were in attendance, showing the huge impact the Daily Kos website has on the lives of the 300 million people in this country. During the convention, the attendees discussed such things as how the death of Zarqawi was a Bush administration conspiracy and how Venezuelan President and dictator Hugo Chavez is a good friend to America because of his opposition to President Bush. What is interesting is the number of Democratic leaders and Drive-by media types in attendance at such a small convention. The speaking/guest list included:

  • Democratic party chairman Howard Dean
  • Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner
  • The infamous Joe Wilson
  • Former Presidential candidate and Senator from the People’s Republic, John Kerry
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA
  • Gov. Bill Richardson, D-AZ

If the Democratic so-called “mainstream” is courting this bunch of kooks, who are threatening to start a third party if the Dems don’t move sharply to the left, at least in their rhetoric, then Republicans have a good outlook for the next several election cycles.

Finally, what do left-wing kooks do when they get together? Apparently, they have tin-foil hat contests, as shown below. If these people are the future of the Democratic party, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Photo courtesy Drudge.

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Ryan June 12, 2006 at 6:53 pm

This small, active Moonbat fringe has power in one place– the purse. Not any purse that matters, but the sometimes-loyal opposition needs these dweebs to fund them and accept any dribble that they wish to convey.


Flu-Bird March 7, 2009 at 12:09 am

Liberals wear those goofy foil hats in hoping sunbeams will kick their brains into working


mike shepard November 24, 2009 at 6:17 am

Please do some research……….Bill Richardson is the ex governor of New Mexico not Arizona


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