A More Macabre MSM

by Ryan on June 15, 2006

in Politics

Apparently, the MSM has an excuse to celebrate after the horrible week they’ve had:

  1. Zarqawi dead
  2. Rove cleared
  3. Bush’s numbers are up
  4. Dow closed above 11,000 again today
  5. New al Qaeda documents don’t bode well for the Democratic position on Iraq

But at least the MSM can lead their minions in a familiar, yet macabre cheer; the same that they have had throughout the Iraq War–new “milestones” of dead soldiers. This time its 2,500 dead US soldiers in Iraq. While every soldier’s life is precious, the number is still below the numbers of Americans that died in 1 day on June 6, 1944. Perspective anyone? It’s been over three years since we’ve been fighting in Iraq: through Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II and III, which included a full fledged war and a dangerous insurgency to follow. I think that since we’re staying the course and now have the enemy on the run eventually we’ll win this without a wimpy exit-strategy based on artificial timetables articulated from a position of weakness. We’ll leave when the job’s done.

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Chris June 15, 2006 at 9:41 pm

Not exacltly an ally of ours, The Brookings Institution released statistics about the progress of Iraq and while not pefect, these numbers are looking pretty good…mind you, this is the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION releasing the data. You have to look really hard for this (not going to hear about it through the MSM) and I thank Mark Levin for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks to our troops for the great job they are doing and despite the beliefs of the naysayers in the MSM and in the Democrat party, we will be successful in Iraq.


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