Jump, Joe, Jump!

by Ryan on June 17, 2006

in Politics

The Democrats are proving that they are moving more towards the Left to their own detriment, embracing the anti-war wing of their coalition. They don’t like Joe Lieberman because he believes that politics stops on the water’s edge– a novel idea for today’s liberal. Joe may be thinking of running as an independent in Connecticut if his primary challenger gains too much steam. I think the Dems are getting to him…

By the way, I could not let this picture go! It came out of the 2000 Election and sat buried. I was looking for an excuse to post it, but since 2002 Joe has shown some character on the war issue and the opportunity has not arisen. Perhaps the libs can use it against him this year– they think anyone who generally supports the War in Iraq and the mission are fascists anyway:

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