Is Knowingly Spreading HIV/AIDS a Crime?

by Ryan on June 20, 2006

in Politics

Should it be?

It a serious problem in America, no doubt. With all sorts of nations like India and Russia (and take your pick in Africa) being traumatized by AIDS, with a subculture of some homosexuals getting infected as a “gift,” with the dating scene being as blighted and shady as it is (oh, don’t I know, dodging bullets like Neo in the Matrix), things like this happening in Britain or anywhere deserves severe punishment.

If you know you have HIV and go sleeping around in a rampage for the sole purpose of infecting other people in your anger, I believe you should be charged with a degree of manslaughter of those you infected– at least until there’s a cure (something people have been hoping is just around the corner nearly 30 years and millions of deaths later). Some countries have taken this approach, like some areas of Britain. It may sound Draconian–or is it seriously addressing a real problem? Something’s got to give.

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