A Brave New World

by Sal on June 22, 2006

in Politics

Mrs. Sal emailed me this morning with a question that she found on her MA state Driver’s License renewal form, which we received in the mail yesterday. The question reads as follows:

Check here if sex designation has changed. Note: Additional Documentation will be required
Change Sex Designation to: ___ Male ___ Female

The entire form can be found here.

Only in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts…

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Ryan June 22, 2006 at 9:06 pm

So… we’ve entered the end-times at last! Sex changes shouldn’t matter should they? Isn’t the “changed” person really going towards a “self” more in tuned with who they really are inside (or outside)? And if that’s the case, why should there be this kind of overt discrimination? The PRMass doesn’t require you to update whether or not you’ve had an epiphony to suddenly give to charity. I think the PRM needs to stop this discrimination against the sexually transitive!


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