WMDs Anyone?

by Ryan on June 26, 2006

in Politics

The Loft has a great answer to this question, as does Rush. The fact that WMDs have been found, even though a bit old and only 500 to this point, means that the Iraq War achieved the goal of successful disarming Saddam’s WMD capabilities.

The truth is that the weapons inspectors never would have found this stuff, because Saddam neglected to mention these 500 mustard gas/sarin containers in his thorough 13,000 page document after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 back in 2002.

Last Fall, when Bush was getting hammered about Katrina and Iraq, I remember asking some Libs at work if their opinion of the war, the mission, and the troops would change if we found the WMDs. Silence. Eerily like the MSM on Thursday and Friday. Is 500 enough to get their attention? 500 may not be “stockpiles” but it shows that WMDs are there, were there, and continue to be a threat if put in the wrong hands. Where’s the intellectual honesty on the Left, and more importantly, where’s the Right shouting from the rooftops?

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