Jogging With Pride

by Ryan on June 27, 2006

in Politics

Bush’s jog today speaks volumes about his character. As a brother of an Iraq War veteran, I am extemely proud that Bush is our President during this time of war. He not only gets it, but he lives it. Yes, it was a short jog with a wounded soldier to whom he made a promise, but this is a different kind of photo op.

He’s not crashing a military funeral, or at the airport to be the first ones that the returning vets meet before hugging their loved ones. He’s keeping a promise to an individual who has suffered from a decision that Bush, himself, made. Let’s not forget the soldier, SSgt. Christian Bagge, who not only continues to persevere through the difficult time of essentially losing both his legs, but must forever live with the consequences of the actions that he made to serve this country. Bush gets it, and so does this soldier.

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Chris June 27, 2006 at 8:22 pm

And it’s not the first time Bush jogged with a wounded soldier. The military, in recent years, has seen no truer political ally and friend than George W. Bush.


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