Government Shutdown in Jersey? Oh My!

by Ryan on July 1, 2006

in Politics

Yes, it has happened. Can the people of New Jersey survive these dark days? Most likely, I’m sure. Parks’ll close, casinos will close too, along with some services until the State gets the authority to spend money by passing a budget.

NJ Governor Jon Corzine will not sign a budget from his Democratically controlled legislature because THEY don’t want to raise sales taxes. The Dems in the legislature are frustrated that Corzine doesn’t want to make cuts and trim the budget down from its $4.5 billion deficit. So, as a typical Democrat, he wants to move from 6% to 7% sales tax instead, punishing everyone in the state rather than the narrow interest groups he is trying to protect. Yet, the legislature needs to get elected in the Fall. This’ll be fun to watch!

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Chris July 6, 2006 at 10:52 pm

Well, it looks as if we now have a budget in the state of New Jersey. Unfortunately, our taxes are going up, making a state where it is already expensive to live even more expensive to live.

Some observations about the whole budget drama:
1) The tactics used by Corzine were reprehensible, closing down two of the biggest money-makers for the state (AC Casinos and the lottery) until he got his way.
2) Why the hell do you even need state inspectors on the casino floors? Rush had some interesting things to say about this topic yesterday. As Trump said, “Vegas is laughing at AC.”
3) While it is a good thing that EVERY REPUBLICAN LEGISLATOR exept Senator Bill Gormley (AC is his constituency) voted against the budget and tax increase, it is bad that the Republicans seemed to be non-existent throughout this debate. They totally showed their irrelevance.

Right now, the NJ Republicans need to go on the offensive. They need to show their outrage, work with NJ 101.5 as they did in the 1990s (and also Hannity, Gambling, etc), express their outrage to their constituents and get to work so that they can begin fundraising which will allow them to begin the 2007 midterm elections against the Democrats. Back in the 1990s, Florio raised taxes on New Jerseyans, and the Democrats had a bloodbath in the midterms, paving the way for Christie Whitman to become governor (which sadly in the end, wasn’t a great thing and ended up in causing a Republican bloodbath, allowing for the rise of McGreevey and his ilk).

Republicans in this state have been given a gift and if they do it right, they can capitalize on this disgraceful tax hike.


Chris July 6, 2006 at 10:59 pm

A good article by Cal Thomas on the NJ Budget and problems of the Democrats.–>


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