Centanni and Wiig are Free

by Mike on August 27, 2006

in Anything Else

FOX News journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman Olaf Wiig, were freed today after being kidnapped by Islamofascist savages on August 14 in Gaza. Thank God they are physically unharmed.

It is heart wrenching anytime an innocent person is threatened by worthless scum. However, I must confess that this episode was particularly disturbing for me. I am a frequent FOX News viewer and the name Steve Centanni was a name I heard every day even though I never paid much attention to his personality. Maybe the fact the stories Centanni reported were more memorable than his personality is a testament to his skill as a journalist. The behind-the-scenes work of men like Wiig cannot be underestated either.

Today their journalistic talents are irrelevant. Two human beings were just freed from a terrible ordeal. Thankfully this lesson of what we face in this war against Islamofascism didn’t come at the ultimate price.

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