by Mike on September 14, 2006

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Polling in Rhode Island is extremely difficult. Polls are almost always wrong. I knew better, but I fell for it. My bad.

Lincoln Chafee defeated Steve Laffey Tuesday night, ensuring that the Rhode Island Senate seat will remain in Democrat hands. Elizabeth Dole and the National Republican Senatorial Committee deserve credit for turning out non-Republicans to vote for a non-Republican in the republican primary, assuring votes against everything most Republicans hold dear. At least Chafee opposes filibusters.

I prefer Chafee to Sheldon Whitehouse because Chafee will be one vote in support of a Republican Majority Leader. He also opposes judicial filibusters before he betrays his party by opposing qualified nominees.

Some people are concerned that Chafee might switch parties if held the deciding vote on which party would constitute the majority. These concerns are legitimate given his narcissism, but it probably won’t happen. It is well known that the Democrat hacks in Rhode Island cannot stand Chafee. He wouldn’t be welcome in their party either.

Click here for South Park’s synopsis of this year’s Senate election in Rhode Island.

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Ryan September 14, 2006 at 3:18 pm

I must say that this wholeheartedly sucks. AOR has been such a supporter of Laffey over Chafee. I’d love if Laffey ran 3rd Party just to ensure Chafee’s defeat, but that complicates the issue since Democrat Whitehouse would easily win.

But Senator Wiggum may have his days numbered anyway. I wonder how many more RINO votes he’ll make this month?


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