Well, Duh?!

by Ryan on September 24, 2006

in Politics

Reports like this bother me because they take logic and real context out of the equation. If you fight a new crime, then the rates of that new crime will temporarily go up. If you fight a decisive-sounding war, then temporarily people will come out of the works, draw lines and choose sides. If you make one side out to be, oh let’s say, a “miserable failure,” you are going to encourage the other side to persevere. Duh.

So, here’s a great quote from Thomas PM Barnett’s book, Blueprint for Action (2005), that further illustrates this point (I bold one obvious point here):

“…So no surprise when the United States takes up the challenge of a global war on terrorism, terrorism goes up in frequency. To expect anything else is not logical. To me, it’s like walking into the office of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 and saying, ‘We’ve been fighting the Japanese and Germans for three years now, and as far as we can see, not only are we fighting more intensely but there seems to be more people fighting on their side!’ In effect we employ the language of war and then judge it in terms of police statistics– as in ‘Crime is going up.’” (page 209)

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