I’m Still Worried

by Ryan on October 1, 2006

in Politics

A recent online Time article states that essentially, top-level Republicans are not as panicked about the upcoming Midterm elections as conventional wisdom or the MSM would like you to believe. They cite the huge money flow into local get-out-the-vote drives and a political infrastructure that has been developed by Karl Rove and others since the shouldn’t-have-been-that-close 2000 Election. With the money and people in place, turnout should aid the GOP. Just keeping either house is the ultimate goal, so retaining any majority means victory.

But I’m still worried. Bush’s numbers were up, and are back down again in many polls. Why? Same reason as always: Bush hides for weeks at a time, speaks now and again, then goes back into hiding, dragging the party with him each time.

As for the party, I believe the moderates continue make life difficult. Ever since I’ve been paying attention to politics, moderate Republicans have been electorally weak, since Dems can usurp their position and cover themselves with that “well at least Democrats care, unlike those mean Republicans” bilge. I think it’ll be about turnout, and with the moderate Republicans dragging the party down being mostly wrong about immigration, War on Terror detainees, and not staying with the responsible position on Iraq, I’m not confident in the prospect of a decent turnout.

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