A New Baseball Fan Gets a Disappointment

by Ryan on October 8, 2006

in Sports

Yesterday was very disappointing to me. The Yankees lost the ALDS to the Detroit Tigers 3 games to 1. Plenty of blame is going around, of course. Getting a reputation for winning leaves people with high expectations, especially at a $197 million player price tag being beaten by a $80.3 million roster. The Yankees are expected to win and when they don’t, heads roll– perhaps even Joe Torre‘s. I understand. Also, Detroit is no doubt a great story this season.

However, having grown up in Red Sox country I never connected with them, preferring the Celtics and Patriots. Baseball seemed boring. After moving to NJ, I really had a clean slate with baseball, not hating or loving either side of the famed Sox-Yanks rivalry, fuming more over the Jets and Broncos. So, with the goading of a few friends I started watching baseball, following the Yankees since they were the local team and, well, let’s face it– deep down I just can’t be a Mets fan. I even went to a Yankee game last season, went to the Baseball Hall of Fame over the summer (oddly small building, by the way), and had a basic clue about how the AL East was shaping up throughout most of the season.

Nonetheless, they lost and this new baseball fan is disappointed. Yet, the Pats are now 4-1 after vanquishing the Dolphins today. Things always get better when football’s in the air.

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