Victim of Terrorism Speaks Out on Campaign ’06

by Ryan on October 13, 2006

in Politics

Brigitte Gabriel has an amazingly sad story that she shares with us in her book “Because They Hate.” The link is an excerpt of a speech she gave in February on the nature of our enemy from someone who lived in Lebanon where she and her family were repeatedly attacked because they were Christian. She was interviewed on Cavuto today when she started reading (in Arabic, then in English) pressers and newspaper articles from terrorist sympathizers in the Middle East. They were openly rooting for the Democrats in 2006, since they believe, according to her, that the Democrat’s policy positions will make life easier for them, and that a divided America suits them perfectly. I was searching intently for a transcript. If I find one, I’ll link to it here.

Of course, in moments of intellectual clarity we know that Bin Laden practically waved Kerry-Edwards campaign signs in 2004 for the reasons Gabriel points to. It’s a sad state of affairs when given this unambiguous fact that the Dems look like they’ll do very well in the elections held in three and a half weeks.

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