My Vote is to Stay the Course

by Ryan on October 21, 2006

in Politics

Just like President Bush, I can see a number of really bad things happening in Iraq if we leave too early or bend to election year political pressure at the expense of national security. Adjusting tactics is just smart if they don’t happen to be working, but that doesn’t mean “redeploying” to Okinawa, handing Southern Iraq to Iranian sponsored Shiite militias, or giving up on 15 million people who voted for the unity government.

My point’s always been that since we’ve handed over the government functions to the Iraqis, failure in that country is no longer an American failure. How much can we possibly do? What else could we possibly do for them? I believe it would be an Iraqi failure for not stepping up, an Arab failure for their unwillingness to help, a UN failure for watching and gloating as bad things happen, and a victory for those who seek ill-will towards anti-terrorist America.

Back to reality–lately it has been Ramadan, the Muslim holy month where those killing infidels and dying in jihad go straight to the virgin rooms in Heaven. It should make sense that in a country full of Islamic terrorists that incidents of violence go up when Heaven’s on the line. Look for the numbers to go down in November.

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