Heather Wilson Finally Hitting Her Stride

by Mike on November 1, 2006

in Politics

One of the many endangered Republicans in next week’s elections is Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico. Of course Wilson never enjoys the luxury of an easy election because she represents a left-leaning district. This year is no exception. Trailing in the polls for a while now, Wilson was at least fortunate enough to have a debate with her Patricia Madrid, her Democrat opponent.

I pray that the voters in Wilson’s district actually saw the debate. Or that they at least watch the following two videos before election day(especially video #2). If they do, Wilson wins easily.

Clip #1

Clip #2

Source: Redstate

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Ryan November 2, 2006 at 9:03 pm

Sweet! Go Heather!

Both of those clips were magnificent. I have a hard time believing that Wilson is going to lose to Madrid. There isn’t enough lobbyist money to cause that.

Plus, Madrid used that hideous line “Your President”. You know, Saddam Hussein didn’t respect the electoral process either. A dimwit should know that we respect the office not the man and that certain protocals must be respected. Clinto was, in the words of my Dad, a “degenerate bum,” but he also loved tax increases, abortion on demand, and the politics of personal destruction. But, he was still my President because I’m an American. I was hoping for success in Kosovo and Operation Desert Fox.

Unlike GWB, Clinton never did get a majority of voters to approve his message in either election.


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