More on Mike Steele

by Sal on November 1, 2006

in Politics

Jay Bryant at RealClearPolitics had an in-depth analysis of the Michael Steele endorsements which I wrote on yesterday. Bryant writes that it is a travesty that the party that proports to be the party of minorities, the party that receives 90%+ of the Black vote, has so few statewide and nationally-elected Black leaders. As Bryant concludes in his column:

Michael Steele’s election as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland served to awaken black voters in that state to the fact that they were second-class citizens within their own party, and many of them are determined to send the party a message by voting for Steele this year. If he gets something like 25% of the black vote, he will probably win, and some polls showed him with that many even before the endorsement by Curry, et. al. The awakening that followed Steele’s election four years ago in Maryland will become national if he becomes a United States Senator.

Even if the Republicans do lose the House, if Michael Steele gets elected it could have far-reaching implications in the whole nature of politics in this country for 2008 and beyond.

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