You Two Have Met, Right?

by Ryan on November 5, 2006

in Politics

Saddam’s going to die. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger [expletive], as we all agree he’ll rot in Hell after he swings from the gallow’s pole.

Of course, this will have Election 2006 fallout. While the Dems still want to scream about WMDs and Abu Graib, the specter of truth and reality sets in that even though WMD stockpiles have not been found, Saddam was still a mass-murderer. Bush could have sold the war on humanitarian issues alone, which doesn’t change the notion that when I hear people scream against the Iraq War, they are also inferring that mass-murder Saddam Hussein should:

  1. still be a mass-murderer in power plotting against the West and his neighbors,
  2. and that we should risk the destabilization of the current regime through their “premature evacuation” strategy.

It’s a morally difficult position for some. Not for me, though. I’d hate to think what its like being a “jail-bride” in Hell.

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Anonymous November 5, 2006 at 8:18 pm

The dems are dissapointed. Now, Saddam can’t run in NJ and the death penalty is being used. I don’t know which one they detest more. My prediction for Tuesday….
4-5 senate seats lost. 15 -20 house seats…


Chris November 6, 2006 at 11:21 pm

Had to comment on anonymous’s prediction, as well as other thoughts on the Election. I honestly don’t think the losses will be as great…there will be some, but I do believe control of the Senate and House will be retained…if I’m wrong, then oh well, and we have to work that much harder for the next two years to defeat the high level of liberalism we will endure for the next 2 years.

Some thoughts on the election:

1) My high schoolers are more intelligent than some of these Democrats running for the Senate. Especially Casey, Webb and Carden, but all of these Dems were eviscerated in debates with their Republican opponents (Santorum’s Meet the Press interview comes to mind).

2) People are not informed: I went on a little adventure this weekend to Bucks Co, PA to work a Santorum phone bank for a couple of hours. What I found most is that the undecideds, especially, cannot give an accomplishment of Casey (they actually mistake him for his father) and are surprised to learn about the across the aisle work Santorum has done. Hopefully my informing them will put more votes in Santorum’s column. His loss (which unfortunately, I do believe will occur, but the plurality will not be as great as everyone says) will cost the Senate one of the good guys.

3) The George Allen hitpieces by the Washington Post, Webb, the Democrats and liberal bloggers has been one of the meanest, nastiest I have ever seen. Grant it, Allen did not help himself at all times (macaca, focusing press releases on the kook bloggers instead of Kerry’s comments. etc), but the campaign to remove Allen takes the cake in this election. They see him as the 2008 Nominee and want to take him out…they sadly, may have succeeded. After hearing Webb speak, reading about his history, the guy strikes me as flat out mean (and also stupid) and having him in the Senate would be a shame for VA. Great call today by Debra Burlinghame about Allen on Levin’s show tonight . Gives a great perspective on his character.

4) The polls are all skewed Democrat and are frankly BS…the real poll is the one that will be tomorrow.

In the words of Rush, “We meet at dawn.”


Chris November 7, 2006 at 12:22 am

Allow me to follow-up my previous comment…I do not believe that George Allen’s macaca comment was an act of deliberate racism, but instead a bad choice of words…knowing he’s being taped, he should have come up with a better, more understandable word to describe the Webb twerp taping him. The whole ‘using the word macaca means racism’ is a stretch and ridiculous.


Anonymous November 7, 2006 at 10:56 am

I’m surprised, I know at least two of you gentlemen, Mike and Sal, are good Catholic boys yet you are supporting the death penalty? I thought you guys were pro-life! That includes all stages of life not just the beginning. I think Saddam deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life so he has time to contemplate his sojourn in hell. Right now we are no better than he is by killing him.


Ryan November 7, 2006 at 12:19 pm

Chris: It’s great that Allen can say “macaca” and we’re supposed to tear him apart, but John Kerry just misspoke about demeaning our troops and we’re supposed to swallow that.


Mike November 7, 2006 at 12:58 pm


Funny, I haven’t written a thing on this topic yet you’ve assigned a position to me. It’s odd that you know my position on the death penalty when sometimes even I don’t know what it is.

As for the Catholic position: I suggest you read the Catechism on the death penalty. The proper scope of an extremely limited death penalty as applied under different circumstances can be debated but it is not prohibited. Keeping a dictator who has committed mass murder and spread terror alive in an a country as unstable as Iraq may or may not be such a situation where it is not.

The Cathechism provides a synopsis of the Catholic position. Read up, don’t put words in people’s mouths, and remember to vote for Talent.

Thanks for the comments. Sincerely.


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