Pelosi Already Speaking

by Mike on November 8, 2006

in Politics

Prior to yesterday’s poll closings, the mainstream media treated now Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi as she who must not be named. After all, drawing as little attention as possible to their leader was an essential element of the Democrats’ campaign strategy. Congrats to them for pulling it off.

With the next election more than two years away, Pelosi now feels comfortable with living up to her new title. On tonight’s episode of Special Report, Pelosi referred to the Iraq war, a major front in the war on terror and the major issue which propelled her to victory, as “not a war to be won but a situation to be solved.”

Oh . . . OK . . . I’d stick with the silence strategy Nan.

Good catch by Mona Charen.

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rightonoz November 9, 2006 at 8:35 pm

Only thing worse than the wrong war is running away without a clear exit strategy.

Having gone this far, anything short of some sort of credible security aparatus in Iraq is only going to bit us all on the bum.


Ryan November 10, 2006 at 9:35 am

The San Francisco Treat has begun what is, I hope, going to be a long list of Freudian slips from this woman about where her party truly stands. She was hidden during the campaign and now she can speak!

Her “problem to be solved” line is indictative of some in her party’s belief that the War on Terror is not really a “war”, but a police action that must be solve– back to the 1990s…

The only problem with these slips or intentional position leaking is that she has power now. It was funny when they said this stuff over the last 6 years because it was ridiculous and silly. But now it’s different. Now they can affect change for the worse. I hope the Right can jump on these slips and get focused– she’s giving us so much ammo so early, it would speak volumes of the Right if they DIDN’T take advantage of this now. Get out of the malaise folks, it’s fighting time! They wouldn’t chill out if the rolls were reversed. Look at the 2004 aftermath– they NEVER stopped campaigning and niether should we.


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