The Rumsfeld Era Has Ended

by Ryan on November 8, 2006

in Politics

Donald Rumsfeld resigned his post of Defense Secretary today, a day after Repubhlicans got their butts handed to them in the midterm elections. Politically timed? Perhaps. Rumsfeld has served for six years– years longer than the average Defense Secretary. Robert Gates, former CIA director, was nominated to replace him.

Whereas I could say glowing things about Rumsfeld, as well as some very critical things, I am still in a post-election malaise here, today. So suffice it to say that I believe history will look back to the first decade of the 21st century as one of transition and tough choices that students will argue about in classrooms and people will write books about for decades. Rumsfeld will be a part of that, and as time goes on his part in all of this will be more clear, and probably positive as the dust settles on Iraq in the next few years.

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