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by Ryan on November 10, 2006

in Politics

Tuesday, the Democrats were able to beat Republicans without an agenda (very embarassing). Here’s some international and national fallout to think about:

  • Al-Qaeda is joyfully claiming to be winning the war because of the election results, saying they have a 12,000 person army to fight Americans on their way to blowing up the White House.
  • George McGovern is meeting with 62 “progressives” in Congress on how to cut-and-run in a Vietnam-style way.
  • Al-Qaeda is borrowing leftist talking points about a “lame-duck” Bush and knocking Rumsfeld.
  • Many in Europe are gloating, just two years after calling 62 million of us “dumb,” our intellectual superiors in Old Europe are lecturing us on Rumsfeld and America’s influence in the world,while doing nothing themselves but talk and obstruct. That’s not apt to change.
  • Arabs rejoice while some see this as justice being done (while so many of them have sat by and watched everything happen right next door without lifting a finger to help, and perhaps even supporting the violence).

Picture lifted from Rush.

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rightonoz November 10, 2006 at 6:45 pm

Guys, I’m going to put one really out there but hope it will not cause offence as it is not intended to.

As I have alluded in the past, I have a background that has exposed me to significant intelligence.

My (and many other’s) assessment is that significant portions of the Arab world have been rejoicing ever since 9/11. The worst amongst them for the joy of having killed so many innocent people on that day. I must add a thank you to some of the US media for recent programs that have put faces and names to these innocents and their families (Australians and others amongst them) and the loss is made that much more real.

Al-Qaeda rejoiced when we reacted. Afghanistan was the right action for us to take, though we as in Iraq did not persecute the war to it’s logical end. We had the opportunity to take out the very leaders but left the crucial tasks to local commanders who negotiated secret free passage agreements to allow those leaders to escape.

They continue to rejoice. Our very correct War On Terror has seen too many mis-cues that feed them propoganda. They were not in Iraq before the invasion, however because of the stuff ups since they now have a strong hold and are seen as the only true resistance (also applies to Hammas). Remember the majority in that region rely on uneducated religeous leaders with their own power agendas for all their education.

Rumsfeld and GWB did have the right idea in that the War On Terror had to happen (as any right minded person should). The implementation is where we failed. There is a feeling amongst groups strongly sympathetic to the US and to Conservative ideals that Rumsfeld has more failings than positives. He is not known as a man who takes disagreement as positive, regardless of how it is meant. I could go on at length, however suffice it to say that from my own background and most certainly from your comments on many issues, I do believe that there were/are many great Americans on the right both within and without the GOP that may have done better than Rumsfeld and GWB.

I firmly believe the GWB will go down in history as ‘not one of the greatest US Presidents’. I do believe that Reagan may have been perfect for this challenge (now you know I don’t hold him in the same total regard as you guys, however he had many strengths) and certainly there are others within the GOP who from an outsiders perspective would make great crisis Presidents.

Because of the mis-cue’s there are many who are rejoicing the downfall of Rumsfeld and GWB’s supposed ‘Lame Duck’ standing.

I do not know what the next two years will hold. Perhaps GWB will learn some humility and become more inclusive. Perhaps the Dem’s will take a supportive stand that sees a resolution to the problem – not the one many in their team have been espousing, however one that provides the closest to a victory that reality allows. Let’s face it we will not see a victory as we wish it – it’s gone too far wrong the get back to that without a total turn around in strategy and I don’t see anyone on either side stepping forward to drive that at this stage.

With the history that has transpired since 2001 the world needed a strong, forceful America and President. The GOP was the natural party to provide that, however (and here I do not try to offend) I strongly believe that GWB. Cheney. Rumsfeld were the wrong team. Too arrogant by far, offending natural allies, too divisive, both at home and on the world stage.

It’s too late to change that now, however my hope is that the US and the World will learn during the next two years to appreciate that strong principled leadership is necessary to fight the challenges that face us and that a strong, GOP candidate will emerge to fight off the left loonies.

Know anyone who fits the bill? Strong enough to stand and fight terror to the end, intelligent and inclusive enough to take the Right leaning Dem’s along and get the rest of the world along with you again.

On top of this, this ‘super person’ has to stay true to Conservative ideals (ok My Conservative ideal is close to but a little to the left of yours, but anywhere in that region would be great) Above all the World needs this person as (and you have all pointed this out in the past) the US has the potential to positively lead worldwide and we sure as hell don’t want the Russians or the Chinese to take that mantle.

As proud Americans Conservative it must be galling to see some of the rejoicing, however there are, I hope, a majority in the world who while being slightly pleased to GWB knocked down a peg or two because of his percieved failings, sure as hell do not want to see any weak arsed leftie running the World’s Second Greatest Democracy and certainly continue to look to that Second Greatest Democracy for leadership. ( a little tongue in cheek Aussie humour)


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