Cut-and-Run Has Begun

by Ryan on November 12, 2006

in Politics

Misreading the polls and last week’s election, al-Reuters reports on Senator Levin’s remarks on “This Week,” saying that the Democrats plan a phased withdrawal in the works for Iraq. As usual, President Bush quietly reiterated his rejection of a timetable for troop withdrawal. Whooptie-do.

In Dreamland, I’d love to see a battle on this where the Democrats are pitted against a President committed to victory. However, I have zero confidence in President Bush’s political skills at the moment, but phased withdrawals are also tied to the appropriated funds that make them happen. If Bush wants to keep us there until the job is done and the Dems want us to leave ASAP, who funds the troops in the meantime? I’d love to get the Dems on record refusing to fund the troops! But, I think Bush will drop the ball as more conservative principles are compromised in his “new tone” spirit since I highly doubt that fight will be picked, even given the grave stakes.

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Ryan November 13, 2006 at 10:06 am

An addition: word has it that Murtha is going for majority leader with Pelosi’s support. This stuff writes itself!


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