Republican Stupidity

by Sal on November 13, 2006

in Politics

It appears the Republicans are not learning the lesson of 2006, and are pushing towards the center as opposed to embracing conservatism. Three key indicators of this:

  • The White House has announced that pro-amnesty Florida Senator Mel Martinez will head the RNC as RNC chair, while still holding his Senate seat. This is a bad decision. Michael Steele would have made a much better choice, and Sen. Martinez will further anger the conservative base of the party.
  • It looks like Boehner is gaining steam to remain as minority leader. While most people think Blunt is out at Whip, Boehner appears to have a lock over the more conservative Mike Pence.
  • Kay Bailey Hutchinson is poised to become the head of the Republican Policy committee in the Senate, the committee responsible for pushing major policy initiatives. Hutchinson is not pro-life, pro-amnesty, and is not what the party needs at this point.

All these signs point to bad things for the Republicans. The Democrats may be self-destructive, but the Republicans are not positioning themselves to do any better in 2008 if the above trends are any indication.

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rightonoz November 13, 2006 at 5:18 pm

I find this a very interesting subject.

This is exactly the opposite of what has been needed to attain power in Australia

Whichever party has managed to hold the middle ground has managed to win elections.

Down here the majority don’t want hard right and sure as hell don’t want the hard left. Seems we’re a bit more laid back and middle of the road down this way – unless it comes to sport then we’re ruthless. Same applies to that little country next to us – NZ – nicest bunch going until you meet them on a sports field – make the US Marines look like a bunch of pansies. I have played Australia-NZ rugby at college level and each game was a battle – clean but hard as.. Get the crap knocked out of you for 80 minutes then have a beer together afterwards.

As an aside – any of you guys seen Rugby Union football? – no padding, no helmets – 80 minutes of full on hard hitting action on a larger field than US football. I still carry the scars!

Back to the subject – There are those of us that would like to see our government a little further to the right than it is however would never vote against it in protest as we recognise the alternative for what it is – a raging disaster.

Declining to vote is not an option – it’s the law down here!

We also have to be a bit more accurate on what we put on political adverts – no robo calling to upset potential opposition voters. The Swift Boat adds would never have been allowed, but then we don’t have a 1st ammendment to be misinterpreted and bent to allow almost anything. We rely on Common Law to guarantee Freedom Of Speech. You can say what you like, but sure as hell better be able to prove it.


Ryan November 14, 2006 at 9:36 am

The Republican problems are indicative of a lack of real leadership. With so much at stake, why do the Washington Republicans insist on acting as if it is business as usual? Do they like being in the minority? They haven’t been so great at being in the majority on domestic issues and these three moves that Sal indicated go straight to the heart of the problem.

Pence should replace Boehner. Martinez should stay a full-time Senator rather than a bone throw to the illegal population. What if, God forbid, a terrorist attack occurs and the perpetrators it can be traced to our porous Southern border? Rather than lose the Hispanic vote for a “hundred years” by cracking down on something, they’d lose EVERY vote for a “hundred years” if it happens on their watch, given their current posture. The Republicans will be in Whig territory at that point.


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