Democrat Corruption

by Sal on November 15, 2006

in Politics

Nancy Pelosi has promised to “clean house” of corruption. Looks like she’s going to have some work to do. First, Jack Murtha, her hand-picked choice for Majority Leader, has ethical issues (note that he is responding to those issues by crying that he is being Swift-Boated; you can’t make this stuff up!) Also, prosecutors have leads that show involvement of six democrats in illegal activity with Jack Abramoff, along with Karl Rove.

Good luck Nancy! Let’s see if you’re as hard on your own party’s “Culture of Corruption” as you were on the GOP!

UPDATE: According to this ABC story, Harry Ried, the newly-elected Senate Majority Leader, is at the forefront of the Jack Abramoff investigations. If he has to bolt because of this, his seat would be filled by Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) would name his replacement and tip the balance of power to the Republicans.

Look to Ried to hold on as long as possible because of this.

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Ryan November 15, 2006 at 8:43 am

I can’t wait until this wave knocks over Bob Menendez, recently elected NJ senator.


But the Murtha debate is another example of how the Dems have misread this election, thinking that, of all people, “cut-and-run” Murtha should represent the majority in Congress. Hannity and Colmes played that shady video of Murtha’s. It’ll be fun to see where this goes.

But Trent Lott loses his position for his words about Strom at the centenarian’s birthday party, while Durbin gets an ovation for his highly racist remarks about “Sheets” Byrd. Don’t expect San Fran Nan to hold the Dems to task on their corruption.


Chris November 15, 2006 at 10:19 pm

With Chris Christie serving as US Attorney for NJ, I predict a Menendez indictment within 1-2 years. For those of you who don’t know, Christie, as of 2005, has indicted 76 NJ area politicians on corruption charges. It won’t be long.

On Murtha, I am enjoying watching this circus unfold…funny how the Drive-bys are now questioning his ethics….after the election. If he wins, it’s good for the Republicans.

Very interesting perdicament with Harry. The Drive-bys will definitely shriek at Gibbons, as they would if Lieberman decides to bolt from the Dems…one can dream!


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