The GOP Has a Lott to Learn

by Mike on November 15, 2006

in Politics

Former Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott was elected to the position of Senate Minority Whip earlier today by a vote of 25-24 over Lamar Alexander. The stupid party has learned nothing from last week’s thumpin’.

The conservative side of America has long contained both those who care about politics as a means for achieving policy objectives and those who seem to view politics as merely sport where their team should achieve and maintain power. The Axis of Right considers itself as part of the former. We condescendingly refer to the latter as “party people.”

Despite the differences, both camps share the objective of winning the back the majority. Doing so requires common sense policy which empowers Americans to make their country a better place. However, it also requires a marketing strategy that effectively targets and persuades those who normally do not pay attention to politics until a week or so prior to an election.

Trent Lott was unfairly demonized for complimenting Strom Thurmond at his 200th birthday party. Ryan has written about Lott’s comments compared to those of others on the left. I won’t rehash. That said, Trent Lott is not the best face to put on the Republican party. He was an ineffective Majority Leader who rolled over to Clinton’s demands for exorbitant spending from 1998-2000. Ditto for his stint from 2001-2002.

The GOP needs someone who will support a common sense conservative agenda. Lott did not do so toward the end of his reign as leader way back in the 1990s. There is no guarantee or even likelihood that he will do so now. He is also damaging to the GOP brand. The stupid party lives.

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Ryan November 16, 2006 at 6:04 pm

I agree with Mike here. The first things the Libs at work did was smirk after saying Lott’s name– as if to say “wow, are you serious? they just gave us a gift, and how do you feel about it Ryan.”

After a loss, even a close one like this, you need change. I’m happy about Mitch, but Lamar(!) would have brought a fresher face and a clean slate to the leadership. Yes, Lott can whip the votes together as well as the next guy, but I agree with Mike’s assessment that we don’t need a party person to do this job, especially if they have baggage.


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