Pollution was the Cure All Along!

by Ryan on November 16, 2006

in Politics

A moment of Zen:

“I can’t believe it! Now pollution can HELP global warming! Good thing too, because I almost bought a hybrid. Upon hearing this news I am instead going to buy the biggest “SUV” I can find from any “Big Corporation,” that does business with “Halliburton” (I didn’t want to leave Halliburton out of this!).

“Now that I can be a big polluter I am willing to do my patriotic duty, as a member of the world community, to stomach the huge gas prices (which should be going up since Karl Rove’s price reduction tactic for the Election backfired) in order to drive a car that can help produce enough smog to block out those pesky sun-rays that are killing us in a most irreversible way. We can even help the polar bear! Everyone loves polar bears (except seals, maybe)! I might even start burning my trash.”

But seriously, that sounds about as ridiculous to me as those who embrace radical action be done about global warming without even considering the financial and political motives behind the alarmists and their calls for power to control politics and industry. That, to me, is scarier than any extra inch of water at the beach in 2050– “follow our paradigm or YOU’LL ALL DIE!!!” type stuff.With all these mixed messages, the whole debate might as well be an inside joke amongst the scientists themselves on who’s going to believe what–and who ends up lobbying the most grant money to stay behind their university desk another two years.Pic from Ecotourism Blog.

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