They have learned nothing

by Sal on November 17, 2006

in Politics

The Republican party has learned nothing. The House today elected its leadership by keeping John Boehner and Roy Blunt in both key leadership positions, the House Minority Leader and House Minority Whip. With this, the party has stated that it’s business as usual, and that they have learned nothing from the 2006 elections. There is no great spokesman, no Mike Pence to lead the party to a bold new era of Conservatism. The Republican party feels that the status quo is fine. A news flash: its not.

Boehner and Blunt are insiders who helped take the party to its first real defeat in 14 years. Boehner came into his role 8 months ago, preaching reform and change in the congress, in order to maintain our majority in the elections. His leadership tenure is marked by inaction, half-measures, and half-hearted earmark reform. Roy Blunt is an old-guard establishment figure left over from the DeLay era, an era whose time has past.

My hopes for ’08, at least on the congressional side, just diminished tremendously. Yes, there is the possibility that without Hastert, as the leader of the minority, Boehner will be better than he has previously. It is possible that he could surprise us all. Blunt is less important, as his job is to rally votes, not set policy.

I’m hoping for change going forward, but right now I’m concerned that it’s just going to be more of the status quo. I feel like the Republicans have learned nothing.

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Ryan November 17, 2006 at 10:39 am

The Republicans are acting like the weak-kneed losers that they were before 1980. They are looking overtly political (like the Dems) and non-responsive to their base. Pence and Shaddegg should be in those positions. I’m sure Blunt promised some pork to the freshmen (the few that there are) and Boehnner was just a poor choice. He’s not Newt– no one is– but he’s not even Mike Pence, who at least has some ideas: old ideas about conservativism, not the recent trend of being a Democrat-lite on spending.

As Harry Truman once said in 1952: “If the choice is between a Democrat and a Democrat, the Democrat ALWAYS wins.” Thanks, House Republicans for virtually assuring that in 2008.


Mike November 17, 2006 at 12:50 pm

On the bright side, GOP Congressional fortunes are unlikely to hinge upon the leadership teams. In a Presidential year, Congressional candidates are more likely to rise or fall on the coattails of our Presidential nominee.

Thankfully, the 2008 GOP field looks strong. /sarcasm


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