Ostrich Brigade in Full Force

by Ryan on November 25, 2006

in Politics

Soon to be Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, in a more nuanced Murtha-ism, is parroting that same cut-and-run bilge on this morning’s Democratic Radio Address. He cites that the current strategy in Iraq is not working and that the Iraqi government should know that our support is not “unending.”

I wonder if it really hasn’t yet dawned on our Democrat friends and those in the MSM that our enemies actually read our newspapers and watch our news networks! If you keep talking defeat, then it becomes conventional wisdom here at home, and ultimately it happens. Militarily we’re kicking the bad guys up to Allah at an alarming rate, perhaps creating temporary shortages amongst the promised virgins (we can see some desperation here on Earth when Hamas is all about sending grandma to visit Allah, perhaps to ask how the virgin levels are doing–you know, women’s issues are generally a touchy subject to some in their ranks).

However one looks at it, part of our military conflict is taking place on the propaganda front. That is where, I believe, we are losing miserably. That is where the Democrats and the MSM love little sound-bytes like Hoyer’s because it hurts Bush and the Republicans politically. That is what we need to fix before we leave Iraq– the only other way to leave is in shades of defeat, and some of our politicians seem eerily comfortable with that.

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