With Comrades Like These . . .

by Mike on November 25, 2006

in Politics

While the world gives Iran more time to build nuclear weapons by discussing, debating and involving the United Nations in the situation, Russia is taking action.  While the world sits around and does nothing, deliveries of an air rocket defense system from Russia to Iran are underway.  This is going to get interesting if the international community decides to do something.

If the unthinkable happens and Israel and/or the United States takes military action to prevent the new Hitler from trying to  usher in the age of the twelfth imam, it’s at least nice to know that missiles targeted at our planes came from our friends in Russia.  It’s even nicer to know that helping Iran target our planes seems to be their intention.  I wonder what Reagan do in a situation like this?  Unfortunately, George Bush is no Ronald Reagan.

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